Thursday, May 18, 2017


               Poems of the 21st Century
 May 19th 2017.

Our world is fast changing, 
The times are getting worse.
I look about everywhere,
Bad is difficult to put in verse.

Television stations, Radio in it's style,
Are different though not new.
And like Sodom and Gommorah, 
They dance with devilish vile. 

A group of horrid money warts,
Are claiming mining rights.
In the deserts of the Muslims,
They turn day into night.

Worse still for the people,
The Muslims there of old.
Homeless now and wounded,
Travel north toward the cold!

Westerners, they like them not, 
Sharia law has settled that.
Soon civil strife will come,
Death will wear a hooded hat. 

 So what will happen to our world,
Will Soros and his crew.
Make the west subservient,
And drink his terror brew! 


Around our world now silent,
In day or darkened night.
A danger game is being played,
Will it come out right?

Republicans are playing,
Trumping left and right.
Democrats scream in rage,
Ripping all in sight.

Europe is destroyed now,
Islamics have moved in.
England lives with danger,
America lives with sin.

For Pedophiles  have the reins,
They rule from hidden rooms.
Trading little children,
Who once used, meet their doom.

Yes the bridge we use is broken,
The Pylons are washed away.
For the devil stands rampant, 
Where children used to play.




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