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The poetic works of this Blog must also include works on other countries and subjects so that the reader may understand what some Australians think of the rest of our world. So in the name of peace, I shall include poems written to record the work and deeds of people and places from around the world. Some works may criticize and others may give praise hopefully, readers will appreciate a mention for their lands.
Bienvenue sur mon site web, Amusez-vous
Я прошу приветствовать моих российских читателей. 
Спасибо и, возможно, моя работа показывают счастливые 
равнения с вашим собственным образом жизни.Ибо взывает 
мир в нашем мире 
Я надеюсь, что некоторые из вас читали мою работу. 
мой е-маил.
Являются лучшими все ушли?
January 2017
Ah Yevgeny,  yes, it is sad too true,
We've lost them and know not what to do.
But it is only from here that they have gone.
For they set up in Heaven, their play is not done.

Blue were the waters, where they came to rest,
Blue were the faces of those they loved best.
But now in the eve when soft breezes sigh,
In memories their voices make everyone cry.

Oh sad is the loss for everyone here,
Sad is the pain for songs we don't hear.
But Heaven we know, will keep them grand,
The Russian Military Choir and Band

The ensemble was founded by Aleksandr V. Aleksandrov, a prominent Soviet composer and the author of the music of the Russian anthem. His grandson Yevgeny told Meduza, a Russian news website, that “the best members of the ensemble died.”
“All the best soloists, the whole choir,” he said. “Everything will collapse now. The best ones are gone.”

December 2016

History now is watching you,
Wondering bad or good.
Is there gonna be a war,
Are you well understood? 

The world knows the power,
As mighty Russia you steer.
But I see you as a Statesman,
So lead us far from fear.

I do believe that World War,
Is ejected from your heart.
Not because you fear it,
It's something you won't start.

Yes I know that men of power,
Have interest just in wealth.
But history records the names,
Of those who work with stealth.

So hey Mr Putin,
You've somehow charmed me,
I think you are honest.
And hope you'll always be.
November 2016

I remember times when we were small,
We used to fight and scratch and brawl.
How your sister was a punching clown,
The one that would not lie down.

Then we both grew up, the years went too fast,
Mum and dad grew old, both now have passed.
Time is now just for us, to find our long pathway,
Amid the briar and the brambles, a toll we shall pay.

Life be as tough as hell, survival is the key,
I wish that we had been rich, no, that's not me.  
Yet now I've made it this far and so too have you,
We still live and eat okay, what else can we do? 

August 2016

Hey harry, so you're going back,
Along those sodden jungle tracks.
Where rubber trees make daytime dusk,
Where the smell of man is bitter musk.

So you think that all, will have changed,
In the plantations, where the boys all ranged.
In that place where you became a man,
In the jungles of dark Long Tan.

Harry now you are eighty three,
Sit down a mo and think, it's free.
You said that it is different now,
Fifty years have milked the cow.

Harry you are not more wrong,
For when you get there you'll see Cong.

Hiding in the rubber trees
Near cross and shrine they still be.

For Harry ghosts don't go away,
They wait for mates to come their way.
Mates remember how it be,
Lying neath the rubber tree.

Harry I have been there too,
Not as a soldier just like you.
I went to visit with your men.
They wait there, you'll meet again.

So Harry please, have a good cry,
For the boys who went out there to die, 
Eighteen there were, that passed away,
In the rain and mud that fateful day.

July 2016 
They say that sex is love
And that love and sex are one.
That was what I true believed,
When I was very young.

But it is funny how we change,
As the years drift by.
How the urge to procreate,
Becomes a saddened sigh.

Oddly age brings with it,
A different point of view,
You want to tell your partner,
"Hey," I truly do love you! 

For now you realize,
That sex was just an urge,
Something that you needed,
That kept you on the verge.

Now you know the truth,
A sort of sign from above,
Though you can leave the sex,
You cannot do without the love

May, 2016
I watched you grow my sweetness,
From budding child to full bloom.
I saw your great confusion,
As you danced love's dizzy tune.

Yes, perhaps the fates will tell us,
That you may have done some wrong.
But perhaps the life you have created,
Will become a great hit song.

Am I angry for mistakes you made,
Am I bitter at your beau?
No, you will always be my baby,
I'm still proud, don't you know?

There is nothing in this world,
That destroys a father's love,
Though pain may come in spasms,
You're a blessing from above.

And now your life will change,
And in time I will grow old,
You and yours stand in my heart
You are welded to my soul.

May 2016 
McMurray Alberta wildfire

High above the smoking forest,
Down Athabasca way, 
A Great Horned Owl is gliding,
At the setting of the day.

His roosts have all been burned away,
His territory gone.
Gliding silent o'er blackened trees,
Of his home there won.

The forests are all a'quiver,
The Aspen quake in fright.
Spruce turned white and blackened,
Like the oncoming night.

Then the roar and bustle,
Of a mighty convoy there.
Filled with fearful humans,
Fire panic, is their share.

The darkness now well lit up,
A red glow is bearing down, 
Down upon the highway,
The hard way out of town.

Cougar and the Caribou,
Run the way of man.
Their hearts all filled with fear,
With the burning of the land.

But life on Earth is resilient,
And with the coming of the Spring,
The green and gold will reappear,
And again all life will sing.

March 2016
Born not far away from us, 
His mother set him free.
Cutting the umbilical,
There for all to see. 

We watched in stony silence,
That bouncing baby there.
Until he sat in glory,
Upon his high chair.

Silently he moved away,

His mother left behind.
He was off to far horizon,
To see what he could find.

Footprints deep in brittle sand,
He set about his labor.
Learning ever more,
He worried not for neighbor.

Day by day he toiled,
Roving all around.
Learning ever learning,
His heart was in the ground.

The silence hard to hear,
The desert just like hell.
He came to us a stranger,
Now we know him well.

Born of the sky above us,
In a rush at great velocity.
This friend we now welcome,
Our brother Curiosity 

Have you ever had that feeling,
When you see someone fall?
How it makes your body shudder,
And your skin creep and crawl.

Have you ever noticed,
How your hackles rise?
When danger is all about,
And fear sits in wide eyes.

Have you seen something there,
Out the corner of your eye?
Something that is not,
Yet it makes your mind cry.

I think we all have felt it,
Though mine is very harsh.
 I oft wonder who put it there,
But I'm too afraid to ask.

March 2016
Yes its very cold in space,
Sunlight is pay per view.
Ceres floats about out there,
With Pluto and Charon too.

But just like all and everything,
Perhaps they compensate.
Like fish that swim six miles deep,
And microbes that live in great heat.

Ceres has Ocultor,
A crater miles wide.
With freaky lights shining
Like a city deep inside.

One lonesome mountain,
Down in the South.
A piece of broken asteroid,
Sits near a crater mouth.

So remember human children, 
As you explore out in Space,
Not all is just the same as Earth,
Go steady, there's no race.
Image result for Image of Ceres lights

Pluto has a big icy "heart,''
With caramel colored peaks
With brown eyes there, four of them,
And ice-cream chocolate streaked.

What is that place way out there,
Nine billion miles away.
A dwarf they say, a tiny thing,
Not worth our time of day.

But we were wrong, were we not?
For Pluto shocked us all.
An atmosphere and frozen sea,
Things we thought that could not be.

Oh Pluto we can't wait, 
To look you over good.
Can you give us more?
I truly wish you would

What would you do America,
If you had no blacks?
If there were no Red Indians,
To follow in your tracks?

Do you think, that all of you,
Would be able to survive?
Them not doing all your work,
Would that not ruin foolish lives?

Imagine now America, how it'd be,
None to clean your shoes.
To nurse you on black knee,
Or sing to you the rhythm blues.

So why keep them poor,
Why Ghetto them all there?
Why keep your fellow man down low,
Are you selfish, don't you care?

We know you're not religious,
For the good book gives the law.
If you see them sad in need,
You just slam your door. 


So soft, just a ruffle, to begin her day,
A breeze is a woman, so the poets say.
Her touch is ever light and fresh,
As she quickly goes her way.

When the sun rides high,
She wends her way in gusts.
Falling leaves and drifting seeds,
And mud is turned to dust.

As afternoon rolls onward, 
Her speed has hard increased.
Swaying trees and tumbleweeds,
Storm riders without peace.

Eve has come with thunderclouds,
The breeze has turned to gale.
Birds are driven o'er the land,
The wind a Banshee wail.

Night is nigh and in the sky,
Black clouds release their spawn.
The wind sweeping clouds on high
Till soft breezes kiss the dawn

Эй, ухнем! Эй, ухнем! 

[Yo oh Heave Ho]

Волга - матушка"

Oh tell me where is Leonid, 
Will he never sing again?
His love of mother Volga
Эй, ухнем! Эй, ухнем!

Volga it's your waters, 
The lifeblood to the soil.
Through the heart of Russia,
Where Volga boatmen toil. 

Oh mighty Mordvin Rav,
Of old Scythia your name.
From chilly Valdai hills,
Your mighty waters came.

Down unto the Caspian,
To delta oh so wide,
Where the pretty lotus flowers grow,
Where Flamingo and Pelican hide.

So come and sing Kharitonov,
Come and sing for me.
Of the Volga and her boatmen,
Of her waters and the sea. 

I was born beneath a starry sky,
And the moon looked down on me.
Where the smell of rain fresh grasses,
Are an emblem to the free.

I need the help of no man,
If I stand I walk you see,
Please leave me to myself,
For all I want is to be free.

Freedom is the standard,
The way for all true men.
Freedom to do for himself,
And for others then.

Freedom to go fishing,
For his family.
Freedom from all threat,
At peace with humanity. 

If I think that I might walk a while,
Or swim in caressing sea.
I can be at peace with all,
All I want is to be free.

Ukraine how long you've been there,
Astride the East and West.
Not knowing where to look,
Not knowing which is best. 

Long you have faced the wars,
That rumbled through your lands.
The all seducing oil,
A curse on every man.

But now it's time to make the peace,
You must find a way.
Ukraine cannot live in the gap,
'Tis only fools that pray.

Ukraine must be a peacemaker,
And must calm that heady brother.
You can be the wise of Europe,
A strength like no other.

Give yourself to dialogue,
Give yourself to peace.
And if you marry elsewhere,
Know that family never cease.

Across the Russian Tundra, 
In the darkness out of sight.
Thunder roars like cannon,
In the loneliness of night.
Specters rise like mountains,
Boots echo through the vales.
Repelling ghoulish enemies,
With violent brazen gales.

Fear not earthly mother,
For none will waste your soil.
Calm yourself with dignity,
Let not your blood to boil.

For all the world is different,
All men are not equal.
Wealth is all that matters,
And is all that ever shall.

Yes across the Russian Tundra,
A history marches long.
Like the mighty River Volga,
You sing a sweet proud song.
America so young and bright,
The land that wanted free.
Taken from the red men
Who lost their liberty.

All is fair in love and war,
Surely all knew that.
Just load them up with weapons,
To help feed fatted cats.

Now your time is running out,
Multi culture is your forte.
With ghetto fighting ghetto,
Perhaps you'll awake some day.

Time to lose the guns now, 
The wild west has been and gone.
Don't want the kids in boot hill,
Before their day is done.

You know you were the leader,
We would follow you all day.
But the idle rich got crazy,
And America lost it's way.

Эй, ухнем! Эй, ухнем!

Oh strange to see this ancient land.
Of warring Massa-getae.
Of icy tundra where bones of old,
Beneath the frozen soil lay.

Lightning and thunder quakes,
The rain soaks every glen.
O'er rolling hills and plain it snakes,
No time or space for men.

An age has passed with time,
A commune once sublime.
Still searching for Democritus,
With Vodka not with wine.

In truth she is of ancient blood,
Perhaps the first of men.
Her memories are her treasure,
That will not pass this way again. 

In every land on this fair Earth,
You will find her progeny.
Set her among all men of might. 
And a peaceful world will be.

Image result for Image of Curiosity roverPerhaps they never will.
Maybe there's no green,
Beyond that very next hill.

The women are complaining,
That men are all violent.
That they're afraid for their lives, 
That men are devil sent.

The Psycho's all take notes,
To try and mystery solve.
While wife and spouse battle on,
No solution will evolve.

It has been asked,what can be done,
To ease the family pain?
The answer lies in knowing,
That each is not insane.

But each is very different, 
Alike they do not think.
Two things they have in common,
Besides their eyes that blink.

 Relationships are based on love,
Which some confuse with sex.
And when the latter dies away,
A partner can be vexed.

Children born and partial raised,
Sadly watch the wars,
Who should they stand beside,
Who will walk out of the door?

Mum won't leave for she knows,
That love is deep inside.
Yet still she cannot hold her peace,
For body anger pent, must bide.

Dad loves his children,
He wants to take them away.
But the kids love their mummy,
So he'll stay another day.

The moral of this story,
Is like bumper cars they meet,
Opposites in every way,
But it's the loving that is sweet.
# 92 

The time that I first saw her,
Was it night or was it day?
Seems that I just fell for her,
Guess love had found the way.

Time went by in happiness,
I proposed, yes I confess.
And quickly we were married,
Seven years and every one a mess.

Seven years of complaining,
Seven years of going mad. 
Why is she so angry, 
Why do I make her sad?

It seems that she's not satisfied,
Something's missing from her life.
She says she's a bad mother,
That she should not be a wife.

I have thought very hard for years,
Of this problem known by many.
Of worried minds not understood,
To men it seems uncanny.

A woman's world is known,
By the female sex only.
Men can never join the clan,
And sometimes they get lonely.

The only way that love will last,
Is to understand the distant past.
When women joined all day as one,
And men hid from an angry tongue.

Now as the years roll by
# 102a Raymond Warren.

I see it written in the skies,
Through dilapidated eyes.
That the very last sunset ,
Will sadly soon arrive.

And from within my mental cover,
My thoughts will end their mortal hover.
And no more will I sit and write ,
These dreadful poems of the night.

No I am not a'feared,
As parting time is neared.
I only worry for them,
That I will leave behind

Isil [Now the nightmares will begin]
#103 Raymond J Warren

So you've had a taste of victory,
Though you've lost some numbers too.
No good to make some buddies,
They're never long with you.

You're not long past twenty,
Just short a thousand years,
You've watched the heavy blood flow
And seen your brother's tears.  

Every eve at sunset, loneliness and fear,
Thinking of your family, that you hold so dear.
Of your brothers-in-arms by your side
Their blood the desert now will hide.

Oh Isil what there have you done, 
Now the nightmares will begin,
Your errors can never be undone.
Your star will always be in sin.

Your dreams are filled with rusty knives,
Of cutting muscles through the bone.
Of holding severed head on high,
Till you see it's face, your own,

Then you shake and shiver.
You're sleep it gains no rest.
You're leader packs a bomb,
Hard upon your chest.

Now the nightmares grow like fire,
You toss and twist and turn,
Allah stands, harsh your sire,
As Shaitan waits for you to burn

Isil, they will finish you,
For you know not when to hold.
Your war is not for anything,
Your time is growing cold.

 #105,Raymond J Warren 
August 2015 

Well they say they found a wing flap
Upon a rocky shore.
Far across the Indian Ocean,
It landed there for all to see. 

It looks a little torn and tattered,
Though not by ocean battered.
More like torn away from plane,
Away on high.

Without a sign of burning,
Yet for Russian soil it's yearning.
To go back and lie down,
Where it last had come to rest

What a distance it has done,
From it's origination.
Where they dance the Asian tune,
Of the west.

Where truth has lost its way.
And history's had its day.
But at least you are reunited,
On Reunion, 370 and 17.

Am I going crazy,
What is that I see.
Right there by that sandy isle
Is that an aircraft in the sea?

It looks much like a triple seven,
Was it on it's way to heaven?
How did it get there can you tell?
Down there where it fell?

Is this supposed to be a joke, 
Did Google Maps somehow choke?
Right there on Google Israel
Off Tel Aviv is that a plane?

Just put Google on full zoom,
A little north will find you room.
Near Dov Hoz, not far off the beach,
A sandy isle is within reach.

A 777 it may be,
Like MH370 in the sea.
I've never heard of it before,
A plane on Israel's ocean floor. 

#103 15/5/2015

 Remember when you were small,
When you hurt your knee real bad?
You looked around and cried,
Then a sudden there was dad.

When you reached your teens
and felt your first love lost.
You found your daddy's shoulder
and childhood line was final crossed.

In later years another came
and you both became as one.
and you looked around in pride
at all that you had done.

Whenever pain arrived in life,
you always came to dad.
And he as always comfort gave
and took away the bad.

Now that dad is here no more,
don't feel forever blue.
Remember and just look around
He's still watching over you.

Raymond J Warren
Brisbane #104

If you think that you're not special
And you’re feeling bored and tired
Remember that just like the wind,
Direction is where you're wired

The future holds bright new days
Of sadness,laughs and cheer
And the wonders of the universe
Depend upon the course you steer.

Yes you will be special to someone
For time has no lock and key
Time delivers to everyone,
That's why you're special to me

April 19 2015

It may be in your mind they say,

When ere you don't feel well.

But body says something's wrong

And only it can tell.

They say that you can walk and talk,

You don't look sick at all.

But deep inside you let that ride,

And await the Doctor's call.

Yes sometimes we may scare ourselves,

And let the Gremlins in.

But else times something lets us know

That sickness is within.

But fear not, not ever,

Be calm and peace will start.

To ease away the tension,

And quiet a pensive heart

Remember that the love of all,

Who know you really well.

Are scared true of losing you,

They fear can't you tell?


June 2013
A highway rolls through Salt bush plain,
Where Kangaroo and Shingle-back reign.
In shimmering sky fly the Eagle and Crow,
That's the homeland bush that I know.

The harshness of the desert is beauty to me,
Where the Dingo and Brown Snake abide.
And the Shrike and Magpie you can see,
As by river and mountain on horseback you ride.

The might of the Ghost Gum standing with pride,
The rocks of the ages on the hills always hide.
The blistering sun cannot dispel the need,
For a bushman to return to where he was seed.

I long for that place of clear cloudless skies,
Of rustling wind through tree tops that sigh.
Of the rain that quenches a dry dusty land,
My homeland is always timeless and grand.

An Army explosives sniffer dog who died hours after his handler was killed in Afghanistan was given a posthumous award.
Lance Corporal Liam Tasker, 26, was shot by insurgents while on patrol in Helmand Province with his dog Theo, who died of a seizure shortly afterwards.
The pair, who were said to have been inseparable, detected a record 14 Taliban roadside bombs and weapons caches in five months, and are believed to have saved countless lives. Their role was to provide search and clearance support, uncovering hidden weapons, improvised explosive devices and bomb-making equipment.
Springer spaniel Theo was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal, known as the animals' Victoria Cross, at Wellington Barracks, London.

R.J.Warren 2013
A Soldier stands by desert road, waiting patient there,
Dust hovers like a foggy mist, a stillness in the air.
He's waiting there for someone, for every now and then,
A distant sound will spin him round but then he waits again.

The minutes seem like weeks, the seconds long as days,
Then suddenly a joyous bark and a Springer's on his way.
"Theo boy!" the soldier cries as tears streak dusty cheeks,
"Theo, good to see you boy,  it feels like its been weeks".

"I know boy, we'll work no more, tagging mines and such",
"I knew you'd soon come too, we miss each far too much".
The soldier threw dog lead away, 'twas needed nevermore.
As the springer rushed around his legs, faithful to his core.

Yes Liam and his Theo have gone to eternal rest,
Where everyday is sunshine and every evening blessed.
In life they'd not be parted, in death 'tis sure the same,
The world has lost two heroes, to our eternal shame.

March 2015
That great Aussie Flag has sure come down a notch,
Too many groupies hanging, from it's well used crotch.
There's Asians and Euros and Mossies galore,
Wish the evil would go back to their homeland shore.

Multi culture doesn't work, it's been proven before
In the land of the free with it's early open door.
For Ghettos now abound all over that land,
Where all men are equal with a gun in hand.

The Jews and their love of all things of gold,
They'll settle for cash, for that is their mold.
And Muslims who state, that by Allah they're told.
That all lands are theirs, to have and to always hold.

Italians and Greeks keep their feet on the ground,
But are loyal to their homelands when no-one is around.
For 'tis easy to see that they all came on loan
None of them truly call, our Australia home.

We all accept that the God, truly gave us all.
The bush, the rivers and the mountains tall.
Many are the races that have come here to live,
That carry their own flag, false allegiance to give.

Yes it is agreed that to parent we be true,
But when adopted out, loyalty comes anew
Most will stand and fight in the face of threat,
But others will up and run, Australia won't forget