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                   THE FORCES 

For We Are Aussies And We Care 
#53 February 9th 2009


Did you see that fireball rolling, down the valley fair

And the timber smoke rising, from the beauty that was there?
Did you hear the bird’s loud calling, in fear as they flew,
And house dogs barking loudly, at the fright that they felt too?

Did you hear the wind loud roaring, like a jet plane overhead,
Did you see the roadway littered with the dying and the dead?
Did you hear the crackling bush land and see the volunteers fight,
Did you watch the orange horizon in the darkness of the night?

Can you hear the men hard yelling, as they run this way and that,
Can you hear the horses screaming as they gallop on the flat?
Do you hear the child calling as she stands now safe alone,
Where’s my daddy have you seen him, I want my daddy home!

Do you know that sinking feeling of the loss and loneliness,

As you stand before your once proud home and feel the emptiness?
Do you know that heartache, as you sift through ashes bare?
Does a tear come to your reddened eyes, for memories stolen there?

Can you hear the deathly cry go up, to meet the burnished sky,
Of fathers with their children gone, a mothers mournful sigh.
Or those who search empty roads, for loved ones who don't come.
The old and wise who blame themselves, for not telling them to run.
But please don’t worry strongly, there is something you should know,
We can’t bring back your loved ones, or the tokens for to show.
But we can share your pain, for our shoulders we lay bare.
So lay your head upon our breast, we are Aussies and we care.

A Tribute to the victims of Black Saturday in Victoria
February 2009 #54

Lone bird flying o'er the land, not knowing whence or where,
Her mate has gone midst flame and wind that she did not share.
Their nesting tree where was it now? It surely has not crumbled.
Only blackened sticks below and the silence of two hundred.

It seems like many years ago, when voices laughed and spoke,
Before the heat, the fierce wind and that cloudy choking smoke.
Where Goanna ran up trees of green and Koalas never numbered
But all is quiet in the bush, with the silence of two hundred.

Once they lived together all, in bush land so serene,
When normal rain kept it there, growing evergreen.
But then the savagery of drought, of bush too little lumbered
And terror witnessed only by, the silence of two hundred

The orange glow has gone now, the birds have gone to rest,
A haze is on horizon and black silhouettes ride each crest.
The air is still and cooling and the earth is ere encumbered,
For nothing now will ever change, the silence of two hundred.

Lone bird flying o’er the land not knowing whence or where
Her mate is gone midst flame and wind, that she did not share.
Their nesting place where was it now? It surely has not crumbled,

Only blackened sticks below and the silence of two hundred.    
#55 February 2009
To the Koalas and Kangaroo's that did not make it. 

How did you make it Sam, how did you get away?
Why did fire spare you, when it took all else, that day?
Did you have a special charm, to save your life out there?
Or did Koala God, choose your life to spare?

You sat beneath a blackened tree, your tongue thick with thirst,
Your feet, they felt like red-hot coals, with pads about to burst.
Fire took the lives of all and anything that moved,
But somehow you came through it safe, water bottle soothed.

A firefighter found you there and from bottle gave you lick,
We thought Koala’s didn’t drink, that gum leaves did the trick.
Oh how you loved that fireman and his water bottle there,
Sitting on your bottom, with your sore feet in the air.

They found for you a domicile, away from smoke and fire,
And healed your poor singed body, ‘tis time now you retire.
But your God must have needed you, in that great tree up on high,
Six months gone, near to the day then was your time to die

 # 56 February 2009
To the wonderful trees that suffered.

She stood upon that hillside, more than two hundred years
A Ghost Gum quiet watching life, it’s pleasures and it’s fears.
Now blackened and so badly burned, with not a leaf in place,
Bush land life has disappeared, gone with little trace.

She was first to see it come but there was nothing she could do,
No warning could she issue, until her bird life shrieked and flew.
Then Hades reared it fiery head, to claim old Lucifer’s fee,
In the terrible shade of an old Ghost Gum tree

She had watched so many years come and then go,
Kangaroo and Koala that she had come to know.
Goanna and the Magpie and Piping Shrike there too,
None were left in sight now, not even but a few.

Nestlings lay burned and dead, deep within her breast,
Cockatoo and Galah and the one with bright pink crest
Only just one possum that had lived there deep inside,
Had managed to escape, with a slightly frizzled hide.

So now tree waits for winter and the soothing rains that come.
When her leaves again spring forth, to welcome springtime sun
But for now she is resigned, to how such things will be,
In the terrible shade of an old Ghost Gum tree


July 2016
Something that I want to ask, 
If I may be so rude.
About a problem that I have
No, nothing that is crude.

It is bout the fighting,
That still goes on today.
Would it be real impolite,
If out politicians lead the way?

Can we ask them to join up,
As officers or what.
Can they travel to the front,
To be potatoes in the pot?

Do you think they'd be impressed, 
With brass bullets flying past?
Or having all their bits blown off,
To be hung up on a mast.

I think it would be nice,
If we could hear them say,
"Please will you excuse us,
While we Pollies lead the way".

 #57 [2010]

Twelve miles from Amiens, on a wet and muddy track,
Far from the dusty cattle-ways of Australia’s outback
There stands a tall Cenotaph, shining in the sun,
A memory to lost soldiers and of freedom hard there won.

Oh Villers-Bretonneux, safe keep the children that we share
Hidden deep within your breast, though you know not where.
Our children now are also yours, to hold and comfort there.
They have done you proud, Oh Villers-Bretonneux.

They fought for freedom hard and fought to show they cared,
They did not know the love they’d win from Villers-Bretonneux
A love shared by two peoples, so many worlds apart,
Where Australians become Frenchmen in soul and in heart

Where Frenchmen and their children, become Australian too,
Flying proud the Aussie flag, in remembrance they do.
So forget not Villers-Bretonneux, the bond between us there,
Australia will ere defend this mighty family that we share.

#58 [January, 2006]

Have you seen them marching, our young in uniform?
Out at Kapooka, where the Army does the norm.
They train them there for many weeks, to be ready then,
Over at Kapooka, soldiers marching out again.

They have run the courses and marched on hilly roads,
Shot up many targets and carried heavy loads
At end of day too tired, to eat the evening meal,
Backs sore and aching, every muscle they can feel.

On the range they challenge, all who’ve gone before,
Trying hard to be the best, to give the rating score.
Learning how to salute, the officer of the day,
But most of all they learn to march, the Aussie Army way.

Then all at once it’s over and on parade ground,
Parents and sweethearts, await the drumming sound.
The sound of boots a’ marching as soldiers of first class,
With Styre’s to the shoulder at Kapooka’s March Past

Have you seen them marching, our young in uniform?
Out at Kapooka, where the Army does the norm.
They train them there for many weeks, to be ready then,
‘Tis over at Kapooka, soldiers marching out again. 

 #59 Brisbane March 2009

I watched a soldier training, by day and rainy night
I saw a soldier working hard, should a soldier need to fight.
I saw my soldier marching past, proudly strong in step,
I watched my soldier in full dress, all tidy and well kept.

I watched my soldier eating in the mess with others there
I saw my soldier laughing and I longed to touch that soldier’s hair.
I saw a soldiers smiling face with the medal proud first won,
I worried for young soldier till that training would be done.

I saw my soldier posted, to barracks far and new,
I watched my soldier deploy, with the lucky few.
I saw a soldier fast at work, an excited soldier’s face,
I watched a soldier dressing, not a hair out of place

I saw my soldier standing, strong with Hercules,
I saw my soldier fly away, on soft summer breeze
I watched a soldier leaving, with a fear everlasting
I watched the sky one rainy night and saw a soldier passing.

#60 2012.

Can I have my boy back, the way he was before,
Can I look into his eyes, without there seeing war.
You fostered him and all the while created a machine,
His mind is now so different, not how it should have been.

What did you teach and show him, what has hurt him so,
His eyes now have a haunted look, whatever does he know?
He is not the boy who left us, for anger rules him now,
Oh can I get my boy back, please won't you tell me how.

You send our boys back wounded, in body and in mind,
A leg an arm an eye are gone, to that we are resigned,
But what can we do for heartache, for anger reigning there,
Why can't we find a way, to feel his hurt and take a share?

Oh can I have my boy back, just as he went that day,
All smiling and excited, on your bus he went away.
Proud at his march past, proud to do his bit,
But the dirt has taken pride away, that's the end of it.

There were no smiles when he came home ,
Yes hugs and many kisses but we knew he stood alone.
So can I have my boy back, happy and carefree,
Go find my boy as he was and send him back to me. 

#61 October 2011

In a steamy rain soaked forest,
In that land so far away
Stands a lonely cross midst rubber,
Where only bush ants play.

Voices heard there aren’t of home
In the everyday affairs,
But the spirits of eighteen soldier boys,
Are still out fighting there.

As I stand here among you
I wonder, see and hear,
The whine of brazen missile,
And white faces filled with fear.

Yet worry not ye soldiers dear,
Though they not show your names.
D company men you’ll always be,
And Long Tan will be your fame.

#62 October 2011

I know you boys are out there,
I can feel you in the air,
Hunched down among the rubber,
In the rain

Most of you just twenty years,
When violence took your lives.
Hunched down among the rubber,
In the rain

So now we call the honor roll,
And offer up your names.
You'll always remain enlisted here
Where no politics can change.

Richard Aldersea and Peter Clements
Came in from the west.
They gave their lives in battle
And now they are at rest.

Glenn Drabble and Ken Gant
Brisbane boys of old,
You will remain right here,
Where your story can be told.

Ernest Grant and Jack Jewry
Also paid the price.
Two sons of New South Wales,
Made that final sacrifice.

Victor Grice and David Thomas
Victorian and true blue,
Will share this space for evermore,
Your deed our minds imbue.

Warren Mitchell and James Houston,
Of Dalby and Wallsend,
Raise your heads in pride
As your memory we tend.

Pte’s A McCormack of Launceston
And Denis Mac from Adelaide,
Unrelated brothers-in-arms,
From our thoughts you will not fade.

Doug Salverton from Brisbane,
Gordon Sharp from Tamworth town.
Standing with the others,
We know you'll stay around.

Finally Colin Whiston,
At Long Tan hovers there.
With the last to die, Paul Large,
Both have done their share.

Yes we shall remember you, 
You ne'er will be forgotten.
Hunched down among the rubber,
In the rain.

Two British heroes
An Army explosives sniffer dog who died hours after his handler was killed in Afghanistan was given a posthumous award today.
Lance Corporal Liam Tasker, 26, was shot by insurgents on March 1 last year while on patrol in Helmand Province with his dog Theo, who died of a seizure shortly afterwards.
The pair, who were said to have been inseparable, detected a record 14 Taliban roadside bombs and weapons caches in five months, and are believed to have saved countless lives.
Their role was to provide search and clearance support, uncovering hidden weapons, improvised explosive devices and bomb-making equipment.
Springer spaniel Theo was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal, known as the animals' Victoria Cross, at Wellington Barracks, London.

Hey Theo, I'm waiting boy, come on over here,
Come along with me boy, nothing more to fear.
Don't worry boy its okay, I really felt no pain,
We did our job, did it well and we'd do it all again.

It's you I truly worry for, you followed me so quick,
You fell down so sudden like, yet you were never sick.
Nothing now to worry us, war noise forever ceased
No bombs or mess up here boy, just eternal peace 
Thanks to you for coming, I knew we'd not long part,
Your love for me was far too strong, even for your heart
I see that they've awarded you a bravery medal true,
When all your dear heart needed, was my love for you.

Thank you Theo for being a friend to humanity.

                     PARTING IS SUCH…. 

[2004] #64

Here I am searching, to write the way I feel,
For without you all these years, life was never real.
You left when I was very young, yes really just a boy,
Doctor said you’d soon be home, his fear-calming ploy.

I miss you Mum I really do and hope that when I die,
That you and I will meet again, up there in the sky.
Fifty birthdays done and gone, since they buried you,
Birthday shared together, we really had so few.

I miss the way you sang to me, the stories that you told,
The laughter and the happy times, were always ‘good as gold’. 
Tis so sad you never saw, not even one grandchild,
And they will never see as I, the love light in your smile.

Mum, if God is up in heaven and that’s where you reside,
I hope that I’ve been good enough, to be there by your side.
But if there is no heaven, no place for me to come,
Thank you for those happy years when you were,
Dear Mum.

#65 [1993]

Let me sit down here beside you, wish I could hold your hand,
And look into your eyes dear, I know you understand.
The years have taken toll but the years we had were gold,
You’re the warmth in my heart that never will grow cold.

Let me sit down here beside you, to talk of times gone by,
I’ll soon be at your side dear, somewhere up on high.
Can you see my hand a’ reaching, feel this love I tender you,
Happiness will reign supreme, when I sit there with you.

I will walk with you in Eden, when my kingdom has come,
We can sit beside the rivers that through Paradise do run.
When again we are united, no longer memories,
Two souls will sing out joyfully, on every evening breeze.

Let me sit down here beside you, to talk of times gone by,
I’ll soon be at your side dear, somewhere up there on high.
Can you see my hand a’ reaching, feel this love I tender you,
Happiness will reign supreme, when I sit there with you.

Let me sit down here beside you, wish I could hold your hand,
And look into your eyes dear, I know you understand.
The years have taken toll dear but the years we had were gold,
You’re the warmth in my heart dear that never will grow cold. 

#66 [25/12/2009 

As I watch you fade away,
Pent-up loving tears do flow,
Remembering our times this day
Though life has ceased its show

One day soon I’ll come to see,
The pure joy you have for me
Wait for me where ere it be
Until I come to comfort thee

The time has come for you to leave,
We left behind, now bereaved.
Eyes they burn with searing fires,
And will until the pain retires

You will walk in peace content
For you now be heaven sent
Will you be midst the lucky few?
To have a happy start anew.

The life light in your eyes has gone
Only memories linger on
If you can hear me, will it true,
Where you now be, can I be too?

[I held for you] 
#67 [27/12/09]

Now I’ve washing up to do
So that I will not think of you
Washing plates then it appears,
Your old tin cup, full of tears

That old tin cup I held for you
While you took a sip or two
I knew right then, yes my dear
That your time was very near

You lived your life by my side
And now my feelings I can’t hide
I miss you so, my heart it aches
Unlike that cup that never breaks

The washing up is done and gone
My heartache only, lingers on.
I’d like now one more thing to do
To hold again that old tin cup for you
Where did you go great bird of the sky,
What caused you to go, missing on high?
Was it the pilot who loved you so much,
Or did the umbrella let you feel its touch?
And what of the people for whom you cared,
Will they tarry until the whole truth is bared?
Why did the paper writers tell tales so quick,
Why did their stories all seem to be tricks?
The searching, the failure, oh yes and then,
Passengers south, were from where or when?
The neighbors that cried yet there were none,
Names in the papers not found, all were gone.

MH370 we know you're still there,
Hiding away in a hanger somewhere.
Were the people that came,of the nuclear age, 
Were you taken away because of fear and rage?

Don't let them find you hidden this day,
You must stay in cover so hate will away.
Orientals will calm if they don't know,
What really happened to MH370.  

#59A June 2014
What is this story the media state,
Of an aircraft missing or at least very late.
Who are these people that they bring forth,
The kin of the lost or a scam on it's course?

Why has this story, since it began,
Been oddly reported like an Internet scam.
Why can the families of Australians lost,
Not be found also and why such a cost?

Searching about in areas bare,
The media fumbles like a sore footed bear.
Search not for the aircraft MH370,
If the families exist, is what we need to know.

Be gone the liars and Governments rude,
National interest aside, the story is crude.
Reality TV and political lies
Are not in our interest or historical pride.

So all who know the truth of this sin,
Open the doors and let common sense win.
The people are gullible yes it is true

But deceit will bring hate for the evil few.

 60A June 2014
Are you still flying low MH370,
Do you have anyone still on board?
Or are you a myth carried out to deceive,
With only the actors to stand and grieve?

Why do the makers of falsehoods succeed,
Is it just for finance or political greed?
This looks like a stage show as never before,
With record less people lost by the score.

Are you up on cloud nine,
Where most myths are found?
Or are you hangered away,
Someplace on the ground?

Do the Philippines hold you 
On that Island nest?
Or did you fly to Diego
To sit down and rest?

It's time to come out MH370,
To give up your actors so home they can go.
We can see that the plan did not pull through,
Media hype and lies will not do.

60B March 2015

Fully laden you flew across Europe's sky,
With a cargo that already knew how to die.
The sickness you carried was never your blame,
Suffering done, the tricks and the shame.

Onward you flew to the gathering storm,
The land that you knew, behind had gone.
From behind and the side you were sent below,
Not normal your death, no blood to show.

What of your record, your previous shame,
What of your numbers, what of your name.
Mh17 where had you traveled, what had you seen,
Was Mh370 where you might have been?

The people were most AIDS workers they say,
Or were they AIDS dead on that tragic day?
Shot from the ground by a missile untrained,
Or shot from the air by a warplane well aimed

Since Hitler's day, the world has turned round,
The spies and the dirt in all countries abound.
They no longer care for humanity all,
Illuminated by oil, by oil they will fall.

 #105,Raymond J Warren 
August 2015 

Well they say they found a wing flap
Upon a rocky shore.
Far across the Indian sea,
It landed there. 

It looks a little torn and tattered,
Though not by ocean battered.
More like torn from plane,
Though perhaps not the same.

Though without a sign of burning,
Yet for Russian soil its yearning.
To go back to lie down,
Where it last had come to rest

What a distance you have done,
From your origination.
Where they dance the Asian tune,
Of the west.

Where truth has lost its way.
And History's had its day.
But are you reunited again,
On Reunion, 370 and 17.

Am I going crazy,
What is that I see.
Right there by that Sandy isle
Is that an aircraft in the sea?

It looks much like a triple seven,
Was it on it's way to heaven?
How did it get there can you tell?
Was it being sent to hell?

Is this supposed to be a sad joke, 
Did Google somehow cough then choke?
Off Tel Aviv is where it be,
A plane lying there, just under the sea.

Just put Google on full zoom,
At Dov Hoz find the room
A mile off the beach,
At runways north reach.

A 777 it may be,
Like MH370 in the sea.
I've never heard of it before,
A plane on Israel's ocean floor. 

So the world has too many the few do say.
They starve and they die yet increase every day.
Millions upon millions of humans alive,
Whilst the hungry wait for Armageddon to arrive.

Perhaps looking outward may be the best thing,
Into the Universe for what it will bring.
For all that was , is and will always be
In the smallest the largest, is all they will see.

To the few one can say, nature will prevail,
As sure as each Comet, shows the Sun it's tail
For as each new is born, an old will depart,
Let Nature decide not the murderous heart. 

 #99 Raymond Warren
Standing proud in uniform.
In the Province Nui Dat. 
Staring through the rubber
Beware the Viet Cat.

His eyes see only few,
And he charges after them.
Dodging through the Latex,
This brave Centurion.

A warrior and naught can compare,
But numbers outgun him there.
Then drenching rain with metal hail,
A mist to aid the battle fail.

How youthful zeal and excitement,
Muted mournful with the pain.
And only lonely rubber trees,
Watch them pass this way again.

Oh brave Australian Hero, 
Young ghost among the trees,
Lying there amid the bones,
Of five hundred enemy.

Yet still your brothers come there,
For they were heroes too.
They stand amid the rubber,
And hold tearful talks with you.

Forgotten by his Nation,
He stands a brave young man,  
Where he battled in rubber trees,
He's the Hero of Long Tan. 
ILS NE VONT PAS TOUT LE BATACLAN [They did not go the whole nine yards]
# 100 Raymond Warren
They came in the night near Rue De Charon, 
Where Parisians like to dance and to play.
They came with their own Carillon,
Kalashnikov percussion leading the way.
They played deadly tunes on Carillon,
The drummers with violent vest bombs.
But they did not go the whole nine yards,
Ils ne vont pas tout Le Bataclan.

They ran away when their deed was done,
They ran like thieves in the night.
Away to the borders of Belgium 
back to the Syrian fight.

But they did not go the whole nine yards, 
They did not go all the way,
For they knew Madam ɡijɔtin
May come to join in the play.

Now those who knew of this action, 
Have come out from under their beds.
Singing the French National Anthem,
While clapping their hands at the dead. 

Go back to where you have come from,
Go back to your strange desert land.
For you will not go the whole nine yards,
Ils ne vont tout Le Bataclan.

Finale or Finally

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